Body Media Band

** This is my own, personal opinions from using the Body Media Band. I am in no way paid to write this or receive anything from Body Media, unless you click the discount link and purchase a band – for which I receive a 3 month free subscription to the service. It’s simply a referral bonus that you will receive too once you are a subscriber.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’d know I’m pretty much obsessed with my Body Media band!  It is a major component to my fitness goals. Simply, the band is worn on the left arm and tracks your calories, steps, activity level and sleep. It converts the data into really amazing charts and graphs that show you what you’re doing.

I recently purchased the LINK band which is Bluetooth enabled and will sync to an app on the phone that will give you real time data for workouts. It’s absolutely amazing.

If you want your own Body Media band, this link will give you 15% off either the Core (non-bluetooth) or the LINK (Bluetooth). Full link here – There is a $6.95 monthly fee for the service but you get three months for free!

If you get a band (or if you have one), also make sure you sign up for Earned It ( where you earn points for using the band that you convert into stuff! (Again I’m not paid to say this…I simply love the website!



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