The Biggest Winner Day 19: Oh so many stairs

I can’t believe it’s been 19 days since I started training with the Biggest Winner program. It truly feels like we’ve just began and it’s almost over. I really am sad about it, but I’m really happy that I put in the work to write about my experiences every day. I hope I haven’t bored you to death.

Before I go into all the fun from today, I’d like to start with my small joy in the morning. Last Friday, I weighed in at 264. I’ve been stuck on this number for quite a while now and it’s really annoying. I know I’ve lost inches and that’s great but DAMN IT I want to see a 25 number on there.

Today I weighed in at 262. Two more pounds gone (yay) and 3 more to go. I’m hoping to lose that 3 before Saturday. It just might be able to do it. I’m keeping low on the carbs and putting in some extra time at the gym. Fingers crossed I see a 25 number for my finale. I will literally be jumping with joy!

So back to the focus of this post – what happened today.

I started on my favorite elliptical while waiting until 7am. I got a nice rhythm and burn going as a warm up and I was pretty happy with it. I logged just under 20 minutes before Jackson pulled us to start working out.

We started on the stairs today. Oh the stairs. Divided in two groups, we each took a flight of stairs and round and round we went. Timing at approximately 30 second intervals (ish), we ran and walked the stairs. This went on for (I think) around 10 minutes.

Next we headed over to the gym where Jackson planned a circuit. There were three stations (two groups again) and we repeated exercises for various timed intervals.

Round 1
Squat medicine ball toss-up a wall
– Jump rope
– Bicep curls with TRX

We stayed at our station for 3 reps – 50 seconds, 40 seconds and 30 seconds with 10 second rests. Round 2 was the same with different exercises.

Round 2
Running touches at three points in the gym.
– Burpees with the half ball thingy (I really need to learn the name of it)
– Push ups and roll outs with the TRX

Commence dripping sweat. I’m fairly certain I left a puddle somewhere in the gym!

But wait…. there’s more!

Next we headed out to the machines in the gym. In pairs, two were on the bike with the fan (he called it something but I don’t know what), two were on the recumbent bike and two were on the nu step. For approximately 5 minutes we did 30 second sprints with 15 second recovery. Then switched and repeated until we went through all three machines.

We stretched and called it a day. What a day it was.

I’m heading back tonight to take Zumba and Kickboxing. I haven’t done a double class in a while and certainly not after I already had well over an hour of cardio / strength this morning. Here’s praying I actually SURVIVE the double class!


The Biggest Winner Day 9: Where’d my team go?

So seriously…. where’d my team go? Today there were only three of us in attendance. Did they get shy about the weigh in? We believe one became extremely I’ll and we know she loves the gym so hopefully that’s all it was, but the other two are MIA.

It was a good day for me today. I lost and I lost BIG compared to last week. For those following, I gained 4 pounds last week. I was PISSED. My nutritionist helped me understand that it was hopefully the result of a massive schedule change. Jackson told me to focus on two week results, not one week. I put the blinders on for the rest of the week and POOF! Big time loss!

If you count the four pounds I gained last week… I lost 10 pounds this week. Taking those out of the mix, I lost 6 per the starting weight of the competition.

BOOM! That’s how it’s done!

Six pounds! I feel incredible. If there was something to motivate me even more than usual, I busted my ass in the gym today. I want another result like that!

Since there was only three of us today, the pressure was on! We started on the stairwell where we did flights of stairs and laps on the track.

Round 1 – 4 flights (up and down) of stairs and then one jogging lap on the track.

Round 2 – 3 flights of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

Round 3 – 2 flights of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

Round 4  – 1 flight of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

We finished with another lap on the track as a cool down and then … off to kettle bells.

One lap around the track with timed intervals. We’d do lunges with the kettle bells. Stop and do a timed push ups with the kettle bells. Then more lunges. Then bicep curls. Then lunges… and you get the picture. All the way around the track. I never realized just how long the track was!

From here we went back downstairs to the weight machines and did a one-round circuit on the leg press, leg extension and leg curl. Then it was off to the TRX bands for some pull ups and bicep curls before concluding the workout with a brief cardio stint for 10 minutes on the arc trainers.

Whew! I made it! I’m motivated. I feel incredible after the weight loss. I can’t go back to the gym after work because my husbands working overtime so I think I’ll let my kid play trainer again tonight and give me another workout. It’s fun spending time with my daughter and getting a workout. She really likes helping mom so it’s a win-win!

The Biggest Winner Day 3: Sqeeze the Butt

Yeah – that actually came out of my trainers mouth today.

So after a very late and interesting night out with coworkers, I slowly crawled out of bed to head to the gym. I, unfortunately, was running a little bit late and my drama queen four-year old was not helping matters this morning as she threw a royal tantrum on the stairs when I told her she could NOT wear her sandals to school and then further irritated me when she spilled BLUE NAIL POLISH on her WHITE dress. Mom is NOT happy.

After rushing through eating, grabbing my lunch (my husband is amazing) and clothes… I headed to the gym but boy was I sluggish today. Once I put my things away, I knew I needed to get started on some kind of machine to get moving and wake up. I jumped on the ski / step machine thingy (I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like skiing with steps). I did about 15 minutes of warm up and another 10 of stretching and then the “fun” commenced.

It started upstairs in our gym with the kettle bells and the track. Thankfully (if you’ve ready my posting from way back from my last training session with Jackson), I knew what was going. Laps with the kettle bells through a circuit. I swear he loves the torture. Jackson put me with weights somewhere between the girls and guys at 15 pounds in each hand (quick math… that’s 30 pounds!!!) while one of the other girls had 8, the other girl had the same and the guys had 20. I guess he thinks highly of me.

First up, two-minute speed walking around the track with the weights. I did this with 40 pounds last time, but this wasn’t much easier. Then it was 2 minute jog – no waits for most of the group. Sadly, my knee kept me from this so it was 2 more minutes speedwalking with the weights (I think I’d rather jog with the knee pain). Today, I was really glad I stopped to buy the gloves last night. Really, really glad!

After a short (30 second) break, it was on to strength training with the kettle bells. We did a series of lunges, figure 8s, swings, and lifts. Those damn things get heavier with each move. In between, we’d do more laps on the track. This repeated for about half an hour. My shoulders are so sore from lugging the kettle bells around the track – at least it’s a reminder I did something today.

For the next 30 minutes, we headed to the gym to use the TRX ropes. I’m NOT a fan of these but I know they’re super effective for training. We started with squats and then bicep curls. Next we did push-ups and rolls. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it much today but I have horrible form so I need to work on that.

Then to close out the day…. we headed to the stairwell (oh no). 8 half flights of stairs (so 4 flights). Up and down and up and down … and they got slower with each lap.

I thought my entire body hurt yesterday – I was wrong. There were still a few places that could inflict pain… I think they’re all covered now.

Tomorrow is the last day of training for the week. I’m actually really excited. Despite the pain … I know this is an amazing experience and I am so blessed and thankful for being able to do it. I might not do everything perfect, but I’m trying like hell and in the end I know the result will be INCREDIBLE!