Goals Update

Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist who asked me about my goals. It got me thinking that I haven’t looked at my goals since I wrote them way back in 2012 so I dug out the post. You can read it here. Sorry… it was back when the blog was really notes on Facebook!

So when I first ready through the post, I actually laughed a lot. It was posted on September 2, 2012 and what a difference 9 months will make. Wow!

The post was really about me trying to think of short and long term goals for myself. I remember how hard it was back then (it wouldn’t be now). Back then I focused only on the weight loss (scale) and now I wish I focused on the non-scale victories too!

I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week for 8-10 a month. Looking back, that was an ok number and (for the most part) I was somewhere in that nature most of the time. I’m creeping up on the 70 mark so I’m doing pretty good – but I now know the scale does not define my success.

I set milestone goals for myself

  • 25 pounds – spa treatment
  • 50 pounds mini shopping spree
  • 75 pounds – enter a race
  • 100 pounds – trip to the beach with a new bathing suit!
  • Goal Weight – Disney Marathon

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know why I’m laughing at myself! I didn’t want to wait for the milestone goals, I just did it anyways.

At 25 pounds, I skipped the spa and hired a trainer (money well spent). At 50 pounds, I didn’t have a shopping spree because I needed them every few months because I was dropping sizes like mad (seven sizes to date). I was still 300 pounds in October when I entered my race so screw waiting for 75!

Now … 100 pounds. I’m still hopeful I might get to the beach this summer but our house hunt may change that plan. We simply may not have the funds / vacation time to pull it off. I’m ok with that though because it doesn’t mean I don’t deserve something – like say a new swimsuit which I’m totally getting this year! For the first time in my life I’m very excited to go swimsuit shopping and have been looking around at the styles to see what I like!

Now the biggie! Goal weight. I don’t think I want to wait for this one either. My hope is that next year (probably around this time), I’ll be packing up my kid and husband and trekking to Disney to run a marathon. I don’t care how much I weigh, I’m going to do it anyways! Let’s just hope I can afford it – that’s the only thing that will stop me!

So back in my blog post I wrote that my game plan was to go to the gym before work (that didn’t happen – work schedule conflict). I originally planned to walk at lunch with coworkers (That didn’t happen either). I simply had too much work to do and opted to plow through a quick lunch and go to the gym after work. That part I’m pretty good with (most of the time). I’d say given my current plate of things I’ve really mastered making working out part of my life.

So as I sit and reflect on the me 9 months ago, I’m reminded of just how far I came. What a difference almost a year can make in a person and in a family. I’m so happy the journalist asked me about my goals. I might not have dug them out to continue being inspired by my own self. Who knew I was inspiring!


The Biggest Winner Day 14: No more excuses

Today I continued focusing on what I could do instead of what I can’t do and once again I surprised myself (and no I still complaining caloriesdon’t like spin).

I got to the gym extra early today and had a nice warm up on the arc trainer. I’m starting to fall in love with this machine more and more every day when I use to hate it!

After my nice warm up and stretch, Jackson took us up to the track area. That could only mean we were doing some laps. Right I was too!

We started with laps around the track – one jogging and one half sprinting. I pushed myself as hard as I could … I really tried. I’m getting better at jogging for a distance. It’s coming along but I’m still not where I want to be. It bugs me that I can’t run faster. It’s the impact on my knee that bugs me.

After the joy of laps, we returned to the mezzanine area for kettle bell fun! We started with squats presses, then it was deadlifts with a row. Next was a squat curl and then triceps (That one hurt). Next was Jacks. We repeated this sequence but changed out the jacks for another move that is totally escaping my brain right now. The third time around we did a swing. Sorry… brain fart for the night.

After the Kettle Bells, we headed down to my least favorite room in the gym – the SPIN room. UGH! Just the thought of sitting on that seat makes me cringe. I wasn’t going to whine about it though. Actually, I received great comments from Jackson for killing it on the bike today.

I’m trying hard. With the finale of the contest nearing every day, I’m making a real effort to reach my goals. I know Jackson will get me there. It’s just a matter of time.

Switching Roles

This weekend was about switching roles for me. It started on Saturday when I played the role of the “trainer” and took my husband through some of my workouts. I’d like to say he could keep up with me… but well… he couldn’t and that’s ok. I’ve been much better at the exercise than he has because he knows right now the focus is on me. I’m helping though. 

So I put him through a mixture workout of some of my favorite and least favorite things. We started on the ski machine doing a 5 minute warm up. Next we did a quick stretch and then moved to the TRX. I actually hated the TRX when Jackson first introduced me to it but I’ve grown to love it now. Probably because I can do great squats without pain in my knee! 

Matt had never used the TRX and suffice it to say, he was NOT a fan by the end of the workout. After I tortured him with TRX squats, pull ups, push ups, roll outs and bicep curls, we went up to the track. 

On the track, we did a one lap warm up and then 3 more laps carrying 15 pound kettle bells. I’m still not a huge fan of this workout but it’s fairly effective so I decided to do it. After the quick sprints, we went downstairs to a series of weight machines. 

Downstairs I let Matt do his thing. I think he was tired of me bossing him around at this point. I did some leg presses along with some arm work and then I returned to do some cardio on the elliptical while he continued to work on weights. 

I love my husband, but I swear he’s afraid of the cardio equipment. He tells me it’s because of his heel spur, but I think there’s more. I try to push him, but I know his stubbornness will just win out. He’ll come around sooner or later. 

After I completed my cardio, we hit the showers and then headed out to run errands. 

Day 2 of swapping roles was today when I let my daughter play trainer (and for those wondering… she’s only four). I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym since they had short hours and my husband needed to go somewhere, so I made up a workout at home. With my light hand weights in tow (I really need to get new ones), I did 25 bicep curls, 25 weighted jabs, 25 weighted jumping jacks, 5 planks at 24 seconds, 25 seconds, 28 seconds, 30 seconds and 31 seconds, 25 push ups, 10 push ups with my daughter sitting on my back 90 seconds of ski jumps and repeated all but the plants twice. 

So how was my daughter the trainer, well – I had her counting and timing me with a stop watch. Now, for those familiar with how a four year old counts… sometimes they “lose their spot” and for me… well I’m certain I did at least 30-35 of some of the exercises because she simply started over at one. Oh well, I just ran with it. It’s not going to kill me to do a few more (though on a couple it felt like it).

For my daughter, she absolutely loved helping her mom. She’s been the inspiration behind my weight loss and she knows I’m working hard. She was doing some of the exercises with me… and for many she was doing much better than me (hey, she’s only 40 pounds)! It was nice to have the company and I certainly love instilling good habits in her. Since our lifestyle change, I’m committed to making sure she gets at least 30 minutes of some kind of physical activity daily… even if it’s just dancing around the living room.

To date, we’re blessed our daughter has not had any weight problems. If anything, she’s skinny as can be but eats like a horse. I’m thankful for that a hope that it never catches up with her.  

In a little bit of amusing news, my husband just walked into the room (as I’m writing this) to tell me that he had no idea that when I complained I was sore and hurting how much I actually did hurt. I didn’t grill him half as much as Jackson has grilled me or I have pushed myself in the gym and he’s sore and hurting. I guess the next time I whine about lifting a jug of milk because my arms are sore he won’t be so quick to call me lame and a wuss. Though he does remind me frequently that I put myself in this position. I know that… and I’m damn proud of it too! 

Well off to pack my bag for the gym in the morning! Bright and early with my favorite trainer… Jackson! 

The Biggest Winner Day 6: It hurt to drive

Yes, you read that correctly. I had total jelly arms yesterday after my training program and that’s a good thing.

I apologize for taking a day to get to this posting but alas, work had to come first. No pay … no gym! Still fresh from the anger of gaining weight, I took to today’s training session with a vengeance. Jackson started us in the gym running laps. I ran some and I waked some. I still have some trouble with my knee from time to time when I try to run on it. After I don’t know how many laps, we headed over to the front of the gym for a circuit.

Today, we had a ladder rope doing a out-in-in-out movement. It’s not one of my favorites because I’m so not coordinated enough to pull it off. Next we were running relay with the weighted balls. Back and forth with a partner and then (with a partner) Push ups and high-fives (1o) and then mountain climbers (10) in a time circuit.

I really pushed as hard as I could today though i struggled a lot with the push ups. It’s a lot of weight to hold up and try to slap your partners hand.

Next we did some calisthenic type activities with jumping jacks, squats and skiing. It was brutal and rough. The squats killed me!

Next we went out to the weight machines. All in a row with 90 second intervals. It hurt like hell! First I had the joy of back to back chest exercises. It burned and burned in my upper arms. The next machine where I sat and pulled back wasn’t quite as bad and then an overhead pull. I finished with a shoulder press and then bicep curls (but I didn’t get to those before the time ran out).

Jackson wouldn’t let me quit today. He was on me every time it looked like I was starting to slack. It hurt. There were some screams and well a lot of mumbling but I’m so thankful I did it! I’m proud of myself for doing the best I could do and pushing even more.

When I got in the car, it seriously hurt to drive. From my legs to my arms… it just hurt to move in general. Oh well. At least I know I did something today. I swear if I gain weight again I’ll hit the roof!

The Biggest Winner Day 5: Angry and exercise DO mix well

Today I’m angry at no one but myself. I learned a very valuable lesson today – don’t slack! Losing weight isn’t a fad (that’s why all my other diets fail). Yes, you can go off the wagon now and then but don’t take more than a few steps before hopping back on.

I gained weight this week. I have no one to blame but myself. I can tell you every point where I made a bad choice too – from eating out with sodium laden food to my boss being in town. It happens. It’s done and now I must move on.

I took all my anger and aggression out in the gym. I took to my workout with a new vengeance. I was DETERMINED to rid myself of these evil pounds!

Today we started on the ski machine… high incline and quick sprints. I did better than ever today. Perhaps I should get angry at my body more often. After 16 minutes on the machine, we headed to the weight area for a circuit with partners doing 10 reps of 10.

I was paired with a wonderful and inspirational lady I’ve really come to like! I think Jackson put me with her on purpose. It’s hard not to be inspired when she’s around. First we did bicep curls with a barbel. After about 3 rounds it magically got heavier with each set.

Next we did seated pulls at the weight machine. My partner is a machine! She increased the weight with each rep we did. I amazed myself for keeping up with her. Finally it was squats with an incredibly heavy kettle bell.

At this point we headed upstairs to do some laps on the track and then finished out our hour with some battle ropes and squats. I’m pretty sure I’ve done about 400 squats today!

I’ve learned a lot today and I’m not going to quit. It’s easy to give up when you back track but I’m not the first person on earth to gain weight and I certainly won’t be the last either!

The Biggest Winner Day 4: Next time I wear a thong

Oh you know there’s a story behind a headline like that! I’ll get to that in a moment though.

So I made it through the first week of training and surprisingly – I feel great. I’m not really feeling as much of the pain and soreness as I did early in the week (I didn’t say at all… I just said not as much). Today we focused on cardio and the piece of equipment I loathe the most…. spinning.

Now before you go nuts! I didn’t say I hated biking – just spinning. Well more specifically, the evil bike seat that hurts my rear end. Nothing about that seat is comfortable. Did the creator really thinking making such a comfortable seat would give you a great work out? Why aren’t there fat people seats. My ass just eats that teeny-tiny seat alive!

Ok I’m done ranting. But seriously WHY!

The majority of our workout time today was in the spin room. We did sprints, hovers, standing, and all kinds of crazy things. My legs hurt, my foot fell asleep from the pedal and my ass… well I think you know what my ass thinks of the spin bike! For the record, it’s been over 4 hours since I left and my ass STILL hurts from that bike!

After spinning for about 45 minutes and burning a TON of calories, we headed to the gym to do some serious stretching and… well that’s where the story takes place.

So you have to picture my team – there are six of us. Three guys … all (estimating) older than me. Three girls (including myself) … all older than me (estimating). One of the gentleman who I am certain has a good few years of me… has the most epic quote of the day.

As we’re getting ready to lay on the mats for stretches, he demands that Jackson tell us the next time we’re going to spin so he can wear a thong. Apparently, he had the wedgie from hell and his “military undies” weren’t the best choice for the day.

I could not contain my laughter … neither could anyone else. I’m pretty sure I will never forget that moment! It was perfectly timed, brilliantly executed and he probably had no clue it would be so memorable. I’m still laughing about it!

I truly love my group though. We have a great group of people who I’m really enjoying getting to know. We encourage each other, we laugh and it’s really an amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

We’re off for two days now for the weekend and return on Monday. Jackson has instructed us to do “light cardio.” I haven’t figured out what I’ll do just yet, but since it’s going to be beautiful in Southwestern, PA this weekend I think a walk is in order. Maybe the pup and I will head out for some fun. If it dries out nicely, I might also take our daughter to the park – I think she’ll really enjoy that! She’s a kid – of course she’d enjoy it!