Switching Roles

This weekend was about switching roles for me. It started on Saturday when I played the role of the “trainer” and took my husband through some of my workouts. I’d like to say he could keep up with me… but well… he couldn’t and that’s ok. I’ve been much better at the exercise than he has because he knows right now the focus is on me. I’m helping though. 

So I put him through a mixture workout of some of my favorite and least favorite things. We started on the ski machine doing a 5 minute warm up. Next we did a quick stretch and then moved to the TRX. I actually hated the TRX when Jackson first introduced me to it but I’ve grown to love it now. Probably because I can do great squats without pain in my knee! 

Matt had never used the TRX and suffice it to say, he was NOT a fan by the end of the workout. After I tortured him with TRX squats, pull ups, push ups, roll outs and bicep curls, we went up to the track. 

On the track, we did a one lap warm up and then 3 more laps carrying 15 pound kettle bells. I’m still not a huge fan of this workout but it’s fairly effective so I decided to do it. After the quick sprints, we went downstairs to a series of weight machines. 

Downstairs I let Matt do his thing. I think he was tired of me bossing him around at this point. I did some leg presses along with some arm work and then I returned to do some cardio on the elliptical while he continued to work on weights. 

I love my husband, but I swear he’s afraid of the cardio equipment. He tells me it’s because of his heel spur, but I think there’s more. I try to push him, but I know his stubbornness will just win out. He’ll come around sooner or later. 

After I completed my cardio, we hit the showers and then headed out to run errands. 

Day 2 of swapping roles was today when I let my daughter play trainer (and for those wondering… she’s only four). I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym since they had short hours and my husband needed to go somewhere, so I made up a workout at home. With my light hand weights in tow (I really need to get new ones), I did 25 bicep curls, 25 weighted jabs, 25 weighted jumping jacks, 5 planks at 24 seconds, 25 seconds, 28 seconds, 30 seconds and 31 seconds, 25 push ups, 10 push ups with my daughter sitting on my back 90 seconds of ski jumps and repeated all but the plants twice. 

So how was my daughter the trainer, well – I had her counting and timing me with a stop watch. Now, for those familiar with how a four year old counts… sometimes they “lose their spot” and for me… well I’m certain I did at least 30-35 of some of the exercises because she simply started over at one. Oh well, I just ran with it. It’s not going to kill me to do a few more (though on a couple it felt like it).

For my daughter, she absolutely loved helping her mom. She’s been the inspiration behind my weight loss and she knows I’m working hard. She was doing some of the exercises with me… and for many she was doing much better than me (hey, she’s only 40 pounds)! It was nice to have the company and I certainly love instilling good habits in her. Since our lifestyle change, I’m committed to making sure she gets at least 30 minutes of some kind of physical activity daily… even if it’s just dancing around the living room.

To date, we’re blessed our daughter has not had any weight problems. If anything, she’s skinny as can be but eats like a horse. I’m thankful for that a hope that it never catches up with her.  

In a little bit of amusing news, my husband just walked into the room (as I’m writing this) to tell me that he had no idea that when I complained I was sore and hurting how much I actually did hurt. I didn’t grill him half as much as Jackson has grilled me or I have pushed myself in the gym and he’s sore and hurting. I guess the next time I whine about lifting a jug of milk because my arms are sore he won’t be so quick to call me lame and a wuss. Though he does remind me frequently that I put myself in this position. I know that… and I’m damn proud of it too! 

Well off to pack my bag for the gym in the morning! Bright and early with my favorite trainer… Jackson!