Goals Update

Yesterday I was interviewed by a journalist who asked me about my goals. It got me thinking that I haven’t looked at my goals since I wrote them way back in 2012 so I dug out the post. You can read it here. Sorry… it was back when the blog was really notes on Facebook!

So when I first ready through the post, I actually laughed a lot. It was posted on September 2, 2012 and what a difference 9 months will make. Wow!

The post was really about me trying to think of short and long term goals for myself. I remember how hard it was back then (it wouldn’t be now). Back then I focused only on the weight loss (scale) and now I wish I focused on the non-scale victories too!

I wanted to lose 2 pounds a week for 8-10 a month. Looking back, that was an ok number and (for the most part) I was somewhere in that nature most of the time. I’m creeping up on the 70 mark so I’m doing pretty good – but I now know the scale does not define my success.

I set milestone goals for myself

  • 25 pounds – spa treatment
  • 50 pounds mini shopping spree
  • 75 pounds – enter a race
  • 100 pounds – trip to the beach with a new bathing suit!
  • Goal Weight – Disney Marathon

Now, if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know why I’m laughing at myself! I didn’t want to wait for the milestone goals, I just did it anyways.

At 25 pounds, I skipped the spa and hired a trainer (money well spent). At 50 pounds, I didn’t have a shopping spree because I needed them every few months because I was dropping sizes like mad (seven sizes to date). I was still 300 pounds in October when I entered my race so screw waiting for 75!

Now … 100 pounds. I’m still hopeful I might get to the beach this summer but our house hunt may change that plan. We simply may not have the funds / vacation time to pull it off. I’m ok with that though because it doesn’t mean I don’t deserve something – like say a new swimsuit which I’m totally getting this year! For the first time in my life I’m very excited to go swimsuit shopping and have been looking around at the styles to see what I like!

Now the biggie! Goal weight. I don’t think I want to wait for this one either. My hope is that next year (probably around this time), I’ll be packing up my kid and husband and trekking to Disney to run a marathon. I don’t care how much I weigh, I’m going to do it anyways! Let’s just hope I can afford it – that’s the only thing that will stop me!

So back in my blog post I wrote that my game plan was to go to the gym before work (that didn’t happen – work schedule conflict). I originally planned to walk at lunch with coworkers (That didn’t happen either). I simply had too much work to do and opted to plow through a quick lunch and go to the gym after work. That part I’m pretty good with (most of the time). I’d say given my current plate of things I’ve really mastered making working out part of my life.

So as I sit and reflect on the me 9 months ago, I’m reminded of just how far I came. What a difference almost a year can make in a person and in a family. I’m so happy the journalist asked me about my goals. I might not have dug them out to continue being inspired by my own self. Who knew I was inspiring!


Meal Plan December 2 – 8, 2012

It’s a busy week for me here with therapy appointments, nutrition appointments, personal training sessions and a multitude of other things going on this week. Last week, our meal plan was slightly derailed so I carried over a few things that we didn’t get to eat. We also brought back some favorites because (quite frankly) they rock!

This week will also include some left overs, salads, vegetables and more. Sorry it’s not more awesome, but hey – it’s still a plan.

Make it work!

Scheduling with my husband made going to the gym tonight impossible, but I didn’t let that derail me. When Bella and I got home, I just threw on the sneakers and grabbed the dog and the two of us took a walk around the block several times. It was nice go get out and enjoy the fresh air, walk UPHILL (great exercise) and do it with my daughter. We walked for a good 45 minutes at a decent pace up and down the hill. I just made laps around the block to keep it easy. I never knew when my daughter was going to decide she had enough, this way we were never far from home. Bella’s notorious for that. I felt great, even broke out in a sweat chasing the kid and dog who both kept me walking fast. In a bit here, I’m going to pop onto the elliptical for a little more burn though. It’s all about making it work! I’m tired of excuses… it’s time for some results!

Meal Plans

Working on the meal plan for the next week based on the produce sales. I love being savvy like that! On the menu this week is yummy fall comfort food. Zucchini Protein Lasagna with Salad, Pear and Sage Stuffed Pork Chop with Broccoli, Meatball Sub with Roasted Veggies and Tomato Sauce with Salad, Butternut Squash with Ravioli and Spinach and Sausage Pizza. YUM! Still have three more days to plan out, but I’m off to a great start!