90 minute challenge

Yesterday Jackson challenged us to do 90 minutes of cardio today on our off day from the training program. Now some2967_521985621177322_1319337831_n of you probably are thinking – that’s nothing! Your right … unless you’re still over 250 pounds, having your ass kicked 4 days a week and pretty much feel like jello 24/7. But I’m doing it anyways!

Some of you may have seen my post last night as I pondered how to do 90 minutes of cardio. I’m a big fan of variety so I figured I’d switch machines every 15 – 20 minutes.

When I got to the gym, I planned to start with my least favorite piece of equipment – the treadmill (you were waiting to see the spin bike weren’t you?). From there it was all PROGRESS!

Here’s how my morning went –

  • 20 Minutes on the treadmill walking at 3.5 – 5.0 with varying inclines.
  • 10 minutes on the arc trainer with varying incline and resistance.
  • 25 minutes on the bike (NOT AN EVIL SPIN BIKE) with random hills at level 4 keeping RPMs above 100 as much as possible.
  • 25 minutes on the elliptical on variety (various inclines / resistance)

Per that data … I would have 80 minutes of activity. However, my Body Media Band says a little differently. One of the reasons I love my band is that I can truly see what I’m doing. For example, here’s what data I collected after my workout.

Workout Burn
1,104 Calories Burned just during the workout.

Burn for the day so far

Remaining Burn to Target
759 (I’ll have that before the end of the day at work).

Steps During Workout

Total Step Count for the day so far
 10,762 (Oh I’m so crushing my personal best of 14,000 today!) – Over 2,762 from my target SO FAR! 

Workout Activity Levels
60 minutes moderate activity
30 minutes of vigorous activity
*it counts the time between machines. My 80 minutes above only counts what I did on the machines. 

Total Activity for the Day so far 
1 hour and 17 minutes of moderate activity (47 minutes over target)
30 minutes of vigorous activity (15 minutes over target) 

So if you read that… you know I kicked ass today! I’m really proud of myself. I was soaked in sweat by the end of the workout and very proud of my accomplishments. It’s a good day and I’m very happy with myself.

I’m losing my bingo arms!

Well, now that I have your attention – I simply had to use that as my headline since that’s what my (loving) husband told inspirationme tonight … not once, but twice.

It’s been a very interesting day in the life of me. Work was great – a very productive day. I left at 2:30 pm to go to my 3 p.m. Physical Therapy evaluation for my knee. My therapist and doctor are both extremely optimistic that my knee will heal with therapy so (fingers crossed). Thankfully, I’m doing therapy at my gym so it’s works for everything else I need to do. Therapy ended at about 4 p.m. and I headed over to meet with the director of the personal training department who was kind enough to give me time to come up with the money for the Biggest Winner competition. We chatted for a while about various topics and I really enjoyed meeting with her.

Next up was my nutrition appointment with Jackie (who I adore) – if you’re keeping track… I’ve already been at the gym for 2 hours at this point. I know I’m doing a great job with my eating habits, but having Jackie there by my side for questions and guidance is sure great. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

During my nutrition appointment, Jackie mentioned that I should come to her Drop 10 in 10 class and talk sometime because she thought I’m such an inspiration and motivational speaker. I was shocked and honored honestly. Ironically, the class was meeting tonight (at 6 p.m.) for the last time until next year. Well – no time like the present! After our appointment,  I grabbed a 30 minute workout and then headed over to the class.

Love meIt’s really funny. I never set out to be an inspiration to other people, it just sort of happened naturally. Now that I’ve been blogging and sharing my story, I guess i can sort of see how people have taken an interest in my life. I have a great story and I’m a natural story-teller so it all works.

So I stuck around tonight for the meeting and Jackie gave me a few minutes to just tell my story – and that’s exactly what I did. The women, who I’m guessing were all older than me, seemed genuinely interested in my story. They had questions and I did my best to have answers. I wasn’t really prepared, but it truly felt natural and honestly – I loved it.

Tonight was another step on my journey to changing my life and I’m realizing more and more that while my body has ultimately changed, it’s my whole self that has made the change. I truly believe that’s the true battle of weight loss. It’s a mindset you have to commit to and when you do, the rest will change with it.

Sure, I’ve become a bit obsessive with my weight loss and staying on track but it’s all for the good of my health. The real me is finally emerging and I’m truly loving it!

It was bound to happen

see yourself I knew the day would come and I was hoping it would be soon! Today, I had that moment. The shining moment where you put ony our clothes and look in the mirror and feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

Today I pulled out a shirt I normally layer because I hated the way it hugged my curves (that I didn’t like). Normally, this is where the sweater over shirt comes into play but I just put it on and … (gasp) I looked great. It laid correctly, it didn’t hug everything I hate and it was actually loose on my body.

People kept telling me that I’d wake up and finally see the changes. Six months into this transformation (and really about 12 weeks), I finally see the differences in myself.

I’m literally jumping with joy! It’s the happiest I’ve been in a while. I know I’m getting one step closer to my goals. I just wanted to share that joy with you!

Depressing Day

I’m not going to hide it. Today was tough. It didn’t start out bad for me, but it certainly is ending on a bitter note.

It all started when a family member commented that I’m spending too much time at the gym. At this point, I’m averaging about 1 hour a day between 3 and 5 days a week. I go in the evening immediately after work and I’m usually home by 6:30 p.m. (or one hour after my daughter comes home).

Sure, I could spend this hour with my daughter but my head knows that every hour I spent at the gym is (hopefully) extending the many years of my life I will have with my daughter. I’m very focused on my health at this point because it’s imperative that I change my lifestyle to finally live.

I hope the person that said this to me tonight reads this and realizes just how much it hurt. I am killing myself at the gym, spending a fortune on memberships and trainer fees so I can finally get my life back. I don’t want to be overweight anymore. I want to finally live and be happy.

Yes, I’m sacrificing about 5-8 hours a week with my daughter, but I’m gaining so much more. I can finally run with her, not run for 2 seconds and feel like death. When she starts softball next summer, I’ll actually be in a shape to play and practice with her. Isn’t that important?

How can I expect my daughter to live a healthy lifestyle if I’m not setting an example for her. I’m her role model (I hope) and I know she looks up to me. She told me so when she said she wants to be “just like me… except she doesn’t want to be fat.”

It pains me to think that person that said this to me has no right to tell me how to live my life, regardless of his relationship in my life. More importantly, my entire family has been griping at him for years to change his own habits but he gives us excuse after excuse. I use to feel bad, but I know that doctors have told him if he lost weight he’d feel better – yet nothing changes.

But this is not the place to get extremely personal. The other reason I’m really bummed is there’s a competition at the gym called “The Biggest Winner” that involves a personal training package. I’ve been really hyped up on this competition since my nutritionist told me about it a month ago. It’s drawing near and tonight I was told the details of the cost and I was shocked to discover it’s $375 for one month. I was under the impression it was just a little bit less.

This astronomical cost is a bit concerning, obviously, with Christmas. I desperately want to do it though. I wish I could just hit the powerball or megamillion tonight to come up with the money because I know it would be a dream come true.

The competition includes four personal training sessions a week (yes FOUR training session) in a group at 1 hour in length each. My trainer is one of the competition trainers too. He’s amazing and I want to do it with him so desperately bad. There’s also nutrition counseling and other stuff included.

Basically, it’s a “hold you hand” type competition / plan that helps you really get moving. I’m doing good with my weight loss, but I know this plan can help me do better.

I talked to Matt tonight about it and while I know it’s likely not going to happen – short of winning the lottery – I desperately wish there was some way to make it work. I want this so badly that I’m reduced to tears attempting to figure, budget or find money to make this happen.

Sign ups haven’t started, but I know the best trainers fill up fast and mine is one of those trainers. I haven’t heard exactly when it’s going to go up but I’m running out of ideas on how to make this happen.

I haven’t given up hope that I will find a way to make this happen, but right now the grim reality it’s likely not. I’m going to talk to the gym to see if MAYBE there’s a payment plan I can be put on or just about anything I can do to make this happen.

I need this in my life. When I train with Jackson, I do so much better. Just these last two weeks have been incredible. I feel amazing and I know I’m losing more now than I did on my own. I know I can do this on my own – I’ve got the motivation – but I want results and this chance will give me the results I need and want so desperately.

I guess we’ll see what happens over the next few weeks. Maybe the guy misquoted the price (which would be awesome) and it’s actually cheaper. Maybe the Houston Texans will get 33 points this week in their game to hit the 33 pool (which would be awesome as well). Maybe I’ll hit the megamillion tonight or the powerball tomorrow and my problems will be solved.

Here’s hoping things look better for me tomorrow. I’m still pushing forward and if I don’t get to do this, I’m not giving up but damn it I hope I figure it out somehow. There must be a way to make it work. There simply MUST be a way to succeed.

Ah Tuesdays

So yesterday was a bit well… insanely hectic. Work was crazy busy, then I had to take a sick child to the doctors at 3:00 p.m. After heading home and finding a quick meal to make for dinner (healthy I might add), I had to rush out by 5:30 p.m to head to my “I’m Sexy and I Know It” weight loss competition meeting and weigh in. 

Things didn’t go as well as I was hoping with the weigh in, only losing a little over 4 pounds – but it’s still 4 very important pounds. These last two weeks my weight has fluctuated drastically day to day. One day I drop 4 pounds, the next I gain back 3. I’ve been told by several people, that’s normal. My body is still adjusting, as is my lifestyle. I’ll be the first to admit – I’ve hit a few bumps in the road. Still, I get right back on and keep on moving. 

So now that the running bug has bit me, I’m making preparations and plans to participate in the Wounded Warrior Project run on November 3. With a little more notice, I’ve had several friends express interest in joining me in (what will likely be) the cold weather to benefit a great organization. I’m expecting a lot more out of this 5K than I did the first time around – like a better time. 

I think this time, I’m going to shoot for 45 minutes (or 15 minutes a mile). I think that’s realistic, but then again, I don’t know the course just yet. I’m going to investigate that very soon. Regardless of my time, what’s really important is that I compete and that I finish. 

After a month of changing our lifestyle, one thing that surprises me is how easy the transformation to eating healthy has been. Our meals are inspired by Clean Eating and Paelo – we take the best of both worlds. It’s very difficult to fully commit to one or the other because some of the restrictions / guidelines just don’t float for me. For example, I like so many recipes I’ve found in Paelo but I refuse to give up my dairy. It’s just not going to happen. However, the changes I’ve made are impacting my life and my family’s life, so what really matters is we’re doing what’s right. 

I guess for me, the hardest part of this change has been trying (as hard as I can) to find a regular exercise routine. After a month, I’m still struggling week to week to make it work. I’m really hoping after this week some things will be changing with our current schedules (for the better) that will make the process a lot easier on me, but then again – who knows! 

I’m proud of the fact that I get to the gym a minimum of three times per week, but on average it’s 4 – 5 times. Usually on Friday and Saturday, we try to take Bella up for Family time so she can swim and play in the gym as well. I’m really happy we sprung for the Wellness Center membership so I can take her there for free. It’s cheap family entertainment that’s good for everyone. 

I feel good about my choices for today and I hope tomorrow yields just as many great choices.