The Biggest Winner Day 15: Oh so many push-ups

The theme of today was push ups and OMG there were sooooooo many of them.

Let’s start at the beginning though. I walked out of the house late, which means I didn’t get to the gym early to warm up. I was kinda bummed. But life goes on.

We started out doing a short circuit. I started on the treadmill for about 5 minutes walking at 3.0 with a 7% incline and holding a kettle bell.

Next I went to the TRX ropes to do one leg lunges (I don’t know what they’re actually called). Another five minutes.

Finally, it was five minutes on the rope pull alternating every 30 seconds with step ups.

Whew! That was quite the warm up.

Next we headed to the studio for a circuit. This was truly a cardio insanity workout. I can’t even list everything we did because I don’t think I remember it all. I just remember a lot of push ups. At least 5 sets of them … oh so many push ups.

Also in the mix somewhere were jumping jacks, burpees, squats, high knees, kicks and planks.

This went on for what felt like hours, but really it was more like 30 minutes. Drenched, we finished out in the gym with another circuit. I started on the rowing machine with sprints, then we moved to the nu step using only the arms and the last machine was the arc trainer but I never got there before we ran out of time.

I went back to the gym tonight to do Zumba. I’m not sure why, but I just wasn’t into it tonight. I think I’m really that exhausted or just … I don’t know.

Tomorrow is our last day of the week. I’m sure Jackson will push us harder than ever. I think we’re going to be taking the weekend to rest. I know I need it!

In other news, tomorrow I’m going shopping with some friends to find the perfect finale outfit. I’m shooting for a dress, but open to other options. We’ll just see where the wind blows me.


The Biggest Winner Day 14: No more excuses

Today I continued focusing on what I could do instead of what I can’t do and once again I surprised myself (and no I still complaining caloriesdon’t like spin).

I got to the gym extra early today and had a nice warm up on the arc trainer. I’m starting to fall in love with this machine more and more every day when I use to hate it!

After my nice warm up and stretch, Jackson took us up to the track area. That could only mean we were doing some laps. Right I was too!

We started with laps around the track – one jogging and one half sprinting. I pushed myself as hard as I could … I really tried. I’m getting better at jogging for a distance. It’s coming along but I’m still not where I want to be. It bugs me that I can’t run faster. It’s the impact on my knee that bugs me.

After the joy of laps, we returned to the mezzanine area for kettle bell fun! We started with squats presses, then it was deadlifts with a row. Next was a squat curl and then triceps (That one hurt). Next was Jacks. We repeated this sequence but changed out the jacks for another move that is totally escaping my brain right now. The third time around we did a swing. Sorry… brain fart for the night.

After the Kettle Bells, we headed down to my least favorite room in the gym – the SPIN room. UGH! Just the thought of sitting on that seat makes me cringe. I wasn’t going to whine about it though. Actually, I received great comments from Jackson for killing it on the bike today.

I’m trying hard. With the finale of the contest nearing every day, I’m making a real effort to reach my goals. I know Jackson will get me there. It’s just a matter of time.

The Biggest Winner Day 12: Out of my comfort zone

Well, today I took Jackson’s advice and went out of my comfort zone … .and I mean WAAAAAAY out. Yesterday Jackson warned us that from here on out he was basically going to kill us! It’s a LOT of cardio from here and boy is it rough.

Today, started upstairs… I knew what that meant and that meant the track! Oh boy.

I have a love-hate relationship with the track honestly. I don’t mind walking it. I’ve grown to tolerate the laps with kettle bells Jackson is so fond of but I’m not a fan of running. I think that’s my comfort zone. My knee gives me an excuse NOT to run. I’ve used it too much.

I can run. I’ve done it before but I think I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself again and then I’m back to square one. Today I was determined that it wasn’t going to be like that for me. I was going to run. … or at least try to some of the time.

Now, I’m not making excuses because trust me, I still get knee pain and I’m probably doing things I shouldn’t (lunges, squats, etc). Those exercises all aggravate my knee but I keep trying anyways. I just modify and don’t go so low. It’s hard but I adjust and I try. I know I need to do it. I’ve made sure I stretch before and after every workout session. Sometimes even in the middle.

Anyways, so today we started with laps on the track with kettle bells. One lap carrying weights (mine was 15 pounds on each side) and then one lap jogging / fast walking. This was timed. I pushed myself hard. I tried jogging a little then fast walking and switching between the two. I did really well. This was working for me.

Next we did a circuit. There were three stations and three times around.

Weighted Ropes – First was Jacks. Then it was waves, and then it was fast waves.

Kettle Bell – First it was scissor legs, then around the waist moves and finally dead lifts.

Steps – First it was jump up and down, next was a hop across and then finally fast feet.

In between each round of circuits, we did a couple of laps on the track. Two times around 1/2 walking fast and the last half sprinting. Guess what … I actually SPRINTED! I did so good and I think I even surprised Jackson!

So we repeated this three times around to do all the exercises before taking a good long stretch and calling it a week.

I worked my ASS off today. I’m so proud of myself. SO UNBELIEVABLY PROUD of myself! Today I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. Far beyond even what I thought I could. It’s a new day and a new me.


The Biggest Winner Day 11: Halfway There

Well, I’m officially halfway through the competition and boy am I loving it! I’m really happy I found a way to pay for this program (thanks to everyone that helped me along the way).

Now back to the focus of my post. First, sorry it’s late. My day yesterday was just pure insanity! Back to back to back to back to … well you get the point… meetings. Just one of those days.

So today, at the halfway point. Jackson had us start on the treadmills. Now, I’m going to confide in everyone for a minute. I am absolutely terrified when we start messing with the incline on the treadmills. I know Jackson wants us to push out of our comfort zone and I will do literally, just about anything but I can’t explain why when he starts cracking up the incline I go into a bit of a panic mode and won’t let go of the rails or the front.

Maybe it’s a fear of falling. I’ve watched one too many episodes of “The Biggest Loser” to see what happens when those people fall off the treadmill. I just have this insane fear that I’m going flying off that machine into the row of ellipticals behind me and I’ll break something!

I guess I keep working on it but wow!

So anyways… back to why I’m talking about this in the first place. We started training today with the treadmills and fast walking with an incline. This was a warm up (trust me I was warm by the end).

Next we headed into the gym for a circuit. I’m pretty sure Jackson loves his circuits and they’re always tough! Today there were six stations. We did each of the 4 exercises in a timed circuit. One at a time.

Station 1 – Rope ladder … we had to do a series of running (in out and in out down the side), then it was lunges (skip 2 squares in between), then it was another run series with a push up and finally jump forward two and back one.

Station 2 – TRX … We did a series of squats, jump squats and lunges. I didn’t get to this station so I’m not 100% sure what all was done but I’m sure it was rough!

Station 3 – Balance Ball. I hate this thing. I have ZERO balance so trying to do step ups and things on this half a ball drives me batty. Anyways… here we did step ups, then we did step overs. Next it was laying on the ball and doing some kind of back arch (it had a name, i don’t remember) and finally flip the thing over to use it for Mountain Climbers (that part REALLY REALLY SUCKED).

Station 4 – Hand weights. Ah something I can do well! Here we did a running man series pumping the arms. Then it was a series of dead lifts. Next it was Jacks and finally lunges. I didn’t like just doing lunges though so I added a bicep curl at the end. Jackson laughed at me!

Station 5 – Weight Bar. Here we did a twist first, then we did dead lifts and finally we did lunges on each side with a hop. OWIE!

Station 6 – kettle Bells. First it was a twist. Then it was squats. Figure 8s were next and then the pump thing where it flys between your legs (boy that sounds dirty).

Ok so we did this for the rest of the morning. It took a while. It was rough and I wasn’t having a great day but I kept trying. Tomorrow is certainly a better day.

The Biggest Winner Day 9: Where’d my team go?

So seriously…. where’d my team go? Today there were only three of us in attendance. Did they get shy about the weigh in? We believe one became extremely I’ll and we know she loves the gym so hopefully that’s all it was, but the other two are MIA.

It was a good day for me today. I lost and I lost BIG compared to last week. For those following, I gained 4 pounds last week. I was PISSED. My nutritionist helped me understand that it was hopefully the result of a massive schedule change. Jackson told me to focus on two week results, not one week. I put the blinders on for the rest of the week and POOF! Big time loss!

If you count the four pounds I gained last week… I lost 10 pounds this week. Taking those out of the mix, I lost 6 per the starting weight of the competition.

BOOM! That’s how it’s done!

Six pounds! I feel incredible. If there was something to motivate me even more than usual, I busted my ass in the gym today. I want another result like that!

Since there was only three of us today, the pressure was on! We started on the stairwell where we did flights of stairs and laps on the track.

Round 1 – 4 flights (up and down) of stairs and then one jogging lap on the track.

Round 2 – 3 flights of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

Round 3 – 2 flights of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

Round 4  – 1 flight of stairs and one jogging lap on the track.

We finished with another lap on the track as a cool down and then … off to kettle bells.

One lap around the track with timed intervals. We’d do lunges with the kettle bells. Stop and do a timed push ups with the kettle bells. Then more lunges. Then bicep curls. Then lunges… and you get the picture. All the way around the track. I never realized just how long the track was!

From here we went back downstairs to the weight machines and did a one-round circuit on the leg press, leg extension and leg curl. Then it was off to the TRX bands for some pull ups and bicep curls before concluding the workout with a brief cardio stint for 10 minutes on the arc trainers.

Whew! I made it! I’m motivated. I feel incredible after the weight loss. I can’t go back to the gym after work because my husbands working overtime so I think I’ll let my kid play trainer again tonight and give me another workout. It’s fun spending time with my daughter and getting a workout. She really likes helping mom so it’s a win-win!

The Biggest Winner Day 3: Sqeeze the Butt

Yeah – that actually came out of my trainers mouth today.

So after a very late and interesting night out with coworkers, I slowly crawled out of bed to head to the gym. I, unfortunately, was running a little bit late and my drama queen four-year old was not helping matters this morning as she threw a royal tantrum on the stairs when I told her she could NOT wear her sandals to school and then further irritated me when she spilled BLUE NAIL POLISH on her WHITE dress. Mom is NOT happy.

After rushing through eating, grabbing my lunch (my husband is amazing) and clothes… I headed to the gym but boy was I sluggish today. Once I put my things away, I knew I needed to get started on some kind of machine to get moving and wake up. I jumped on the ski / step machine thingy (I don’t know what it’s called but it’s like skiing with steps). I did about 15 minutes of warm up and another 10 of stretching and then the “fun” commenced.

It started upstairs in our gym with the kettle bells and the track. Thankfully (if you’ve ready my posting from way back from my last training session with Jackson), I knew what was going. Laps with the kettle bells through a circuit. I swear he loves the torture. Jackson put me with weights somewhere between the girls and guys at 15 pounds in each hand (quick math… that’s 30 pounds!!!) while one of the other girls had 8, the other girl had the same and the guys had 20. I guess he thinks highly of me.

First up, two-minute speed walking around the track with the weights. I did this with 40 pounds last time, but this wasn’t much easier. Then it was 2 minute jog – no waits for most of the group. Sadly, my knee kept me from this so it was 2 more minutes speedwalking with the weights (I think I’d rather jog with the knee pain). Today, I was really glad I stopped to buy the gloves last night. Really, really glad!

After a short (30 second) break, it was on to strength training with the kettle bells. We did a series of lunges, figure 8s, swings, and lifts. Those damn things get heavier with each move. In between, we’d do more laps on the track. This repeated for about half an hour. My shoulders are so sore from lugging the kettle bells around the track – at least it’s a reminder I did something today.

For the next 30 minutes, we headed to the gym to use the TRX ropes. I’m NOT a fan of these but I know they’re super effective for training. We started with squats and then bicep curls. Next we did push-ups and rolls. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind it much today but I have horrible form so I need to work on that.

Then to close out the day…. we headed to the stairwell (oh no). 8 half flights of stairs (so 4 flights). Up and down and up and down … and they got slower with each lap.

I thought my entire body hurt yesterday – I was wrong. There were still a few places that could inflict pain… I think they’re all covered now.

Tomorrow is the last day of training for the week. I’m actually really excited. Despite the pain … I know this is an amazing experience and I am so blessed and thankful for being able to do it. I might not do everything perfect, but I’m trying like hell and in the end I know the result will be INCREDIBLE!