The Biggest Winner Day 11: Halfway There

Well, I’m officially halfway through the competition and boy am I loving it! I’m really happy I found a way to pay for this program (thanks to everyone that helped me along the way).

Now back to the focus of my post. First, sorry it’s late. My day yesterday was just pure insanity! Back to back to back to back to … well you get the point… meetings. Just one of those days.

So today, at the halfway point. Jackson had us start on the treadmills. Now, I’m going to confide in everyone for a minute. I am absolutely terrified when we start messing with the incline on the treadmills. I know Jackson wants us to push out of our comfort zone and I will do literally, just about anything but I can’t explain why when he starts cracking up the incline I go into a bit of a panic mode and won’t let go of the rails or the front.

Maybe it’s a fear of falling. I’ve watched one too many episodes of “The Biggest Loser” to see what happens when those people fall off the treadmill. I just have this insane fear that I’m going flying off that machine into the row of ellipticals behind me and I’ll break something!

I guess I keep working on it but wow!

So anyways… back to why I’m talking about this in the first place. We started training today with the treadmills and fast walking with an incline. This was a warm up (trust me I was warm by the end).

Next we headed into the gym for a circuit. I’m pretty sure Jackson loves his circuits and they’re always tough! Today there were six stations. We did each of the 4 exercises in a timed circuit. One at a time.

Station 1 – Rope ladder … we had to do a series of running (in out and in out down the side), then it was lunges (skip 2 squares in between), then it was another run series with a push up and finally jump forward two and back one.

Station 2 – TRX … We did a series of squats, jump squats and lunges. I didn’t get to this station so I’m not 100% sure what all was done but I’m sure it was rough!

Station 3 – Balance Ball. I hate this thing. I have ZERO balance so trying to do step ups and things on this half a ball drives me batty. Anyways… here we did step ups, then we did step overs. Next it was laying on the ball and doing some kind of back arch (it had a name, i don’t remember) and finally flip the thing over to use it for Mountain Climbers (that part REALLY REALLY SUCKED).

Station 4 – Hand weights. Ah something I can do well! Here we did a running man series pumping the arms. Then it was a series of dead lifts. Next it was Jacks and finally lunges. I didn’t like just doing lunges though so I added a bicep curl at the end. Jackson laughed at me!

Station 5 – Weight Bar. Here we did a twist first, then we did dead lifts and finally we did lunges on each side with a hop. OWIE!

Station 6 – kettle Bells. First it was a twist. Then it was squats. Figure 8s were next and then the pump thing where it flys between your legs (boy that sounds dirty).

Ok so we did this for the rest of the morning. It took a while. It was rough and I wasn’t having a great day but I kept trying. Tomorrow is certainly a better day.