Make it work!

Scheduling with my husband made going to the gym tonight impossible, but I didn’t let that derail me. When Bella and I got home, I just threw on the sneakers and grabbed the dog and the two of us took a walk around the block several times. It was nice go get out and enjoy the fresh air, walk UPHILL (great exercise) and do it with my daughter. We walked for a good 45 minutes at a decent pace up and down the hill. I just made laps around the block to keep it easy. I never knew when my daughter was going to decide she had enough, this way we were never far from home. Bella’s notorious for that. I felt great, even broke out in a sweat chasing the kid and dog who both kept me walking fast. In a bit here, I’m going to pop onto the elliptical for a little more burn though. It’s all about making it work! I’m tired of excuses… it’s time for some results!

Making Decisions..

Today, I made a decision – I want to run a race. I decided to sign up for the Tanger Outlets, Washington 5K Run / Walk next Sunday. I have NEVER run a race, but I’m going to do it next week. I believe it will be the ultimate motivation for me to continue my journey and it goes to support a great cause – Breast Cancer. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome. I’d love company!