I’ve spent my entire life being overweight and I’ve finally had enough! I’ve tried yo-yo diets, lost weight and gained it right back and truly given up all hope. I’m married and my husband loves me just how I am, but I hate myself and I’ve finally had enough.

You’ll hear a lot of stories of weight loss success after someone saw a photo of themselves and it hits like a brick wall. I had that moment. It came at my brother in laws wedding in on the glorious 100+ degree day for an outdoor wedding in July of 2012. I wanted a cute photo of me and my daughter standing by a small pond. What I got was the realization that I am overweight and very miserable.

The reality further hit me when I was driving to school with my 4 year old daughter one day who told me she wanted to be JUST LIKE ME when she grew up. Except she didn’t want to be FAT like me.

The fat mom! That’s who I was. That’s what I saw myself as these days. My daughter would be starting softball next year when she turned five. Could I even play with her? I probably couldn’t even make it to first base without nearly dying!

It’s truly perplexing because generally speaking, we’re a fairly healthy and active family. We haven’t kept soda in our house in well over two years and we provide lots of fruits and vegetables in the house for not only ourselves, but my daughter.

It still wasn’t enough because I’ve maintained my weight consistently, only losing a few pounds now and then.

But enough is enough, I tried weight watchers in the summer of 2012 and it worked somewhat well. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. since I started the program, but that’s still not enough. I have a long way to go… well over 100 lbs. in fact.

I’m not 100% sure what my “ideal” weight should be because I think the traditional BMI is a load of crap. Actually, according to the chart for my height and age, I should weigh 114 lbs. Um, yeah that doesn’t sound healthy at all!

I know I’d like to lose AT LEAST 130 lbs which will put me in what I consider a reasonable range of weight. I know I can do it but I’ve got quite a distance to go.

So to kick myself in the ass, I joined a weight loss competition run by a good friend who woke up one day with the realization she wasn’t happy anymore. I’m hoping her inspirational journey, tips and motivation will kick my butt in gear.

I hope you’ll stick around and follow my journey. It’s a six month competition that officially started August 29, 2012. I’m sure it’s going to be quite a journey.


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  1. Good luck, Hayley! You are right about BMI being not very helpful. I have written about body fat and ideal weight on my blog. Check it out.

    • I honestly laughed when I first saw the number. I thought “You’ve got to be kidding me!!!” we use that scale too much to determine a “healthy weight” and it’s truly not accurate!

  2. Just found your blog Hayley and your description here about yourself is spoken with so much truth, honesty and emotion. I encourage you to keep going knowing it will be hard in the beginning because if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they are lying. However, if you can truly commit and get through the hardest challenges you must face, you will live the reward in the end and it will be much easier to maintain once you get there. I will look forward to your updates and posts! Keep going Hayley 🙂

    • Thank you for the kind words Sharon! I just spoke from my heart! I’m doing well so far and this blog is actually helping me reach my goals. Holding myself accountable was the best idea!

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