I’m back!

First, I want to apologize to all my loyal fans out there. I did not mean to be absent from my blog for quite so long. Simply put, it’s been an exhausting month for me.

My day job is in full marketing campaign swing which has resulted in a lot of extra work hours. Additionally, the house hunt has been taken to a whole new level where we’re seeing 3-5 homes a week sometimes. Oh and then there’s my daughter’s softball schedule which kicked off last week. Basically, time is … well nonexistent.

But I’m back.

While I wasn’t blogging, I can say with no uncertainty that I haven’t fallen off the wagon. I’m still keeping to the lifestyle and living the dream. Life is good and I couldn’t be happier with my weight loss progress.

Unfortunately my scale numbers have stopped for the most part. I’ll go down a few pounds, then back up and then back down again. The yo-yo effect is kind of annoying. I’m honestly not surprised though since my time at the gym has been a little bit sporadic. In fact, last week was the first time since joining in September that I actually didn’t make it to the gym at all. It killed me. I’m not off to a great start this week but I’m hopeful I’ll make it there tomorrow.

While I haven’t been able to get to the gym, I still find ways to be active at home. A few extra trips up the stairs, running in the yard with my daughter or just simply doing the gorilla workout app. I do what I can with the time that I have and that’s all I can do.

Basically, I’m making it work. My lifestyle changes are still in full swing and I’m happy about that. I’m living proof that no matter what life throws at you, you can (and will) succeed if you keep your eye on the prize. For me that prize is new clothes. I simply love going shopping these days. There’s nothing that can take that joy away from me.


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