Profile Piece and new blog

My profile appeared on the Canon-McMillian patch today. Super excited. You can read it here. With the profile also starts the side-blog I will be doing for the patch on health and fitness related topics. My first story can be found here62779_618985164796007_1113565456_n

I’m really excited to embark on the next journey with my life. This entire process has been nothing short of amazing. This blog, the Facebook page and all of you wonderful followers have helped me grow and evolved and it’s such an incredible feeling. I truly feel so loved and blessed!

While I love writing about entertainment, writing about nutrition, fitness and motivation has been an incredibly moving experience. While I don’t claim to know everything and I’m not perfect …. I know that I’m helping people. I’ve seen it through people who have emailed me, wrote on my page and responded to my blog. I’ve also seen it in real life with those I work with and family members.

This journey is far from over, it’s just ramping up for the next stages!


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