Asthma, Cancer and Emotional Eating

Yeah the headline says it all – those are three things I’m dealing with right now and suffice it to say – it’s hard!

Let’s start at the beginning, without spilling all the personal family details last night we received a phone call that a family member was in the hospital for what was originally thought to be a stroke, but turns out it was really cancer…. and it’s not looking good. I think that covers what emotions are going through our household right now.

Now moving onto the next blow of the day (though nowhere near as hard). I took my daughter to the doctor for what we thought was a chest cold. I left with a nebulizer and an asthma diagnosis. Honestly, I’m not that surprised – but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Bella has dealt with chest colds we can’t shake year after year. We thought it was just a daycare thing since that’s pretty much the breeding ground for an entire germ civilization, but given her history, Daddy having asthma and the wheezing the doctor heard – well it was pretty obvious.

So we’ve been set up with a nebulizer and some medicine and a full mask breathing treatment. UGH … with a four year old … oh so fun! On the plus side, of all the things in the world that Bella could be diagnosed with … this is at least very common with a lot of options, medication and treatment. I’m hopeful … timing just really sucks.

So this brings me to the third topic of tonight’s post – emotional eating. Given the kind of day I’ve had… I’m not surprised I’ve been jumping onto chocolate land. It’s been a bad day for me nutritionally, but it’s ok. One bad day isn’t going to send me back to a lifetime of pounds. Yes, it was a bad day. Yes, I wanted nothing but chocolate and YES I hate to admit it but eating chocolate did make me feel better!

At this point, I take every crossroads as a learning experience because every day of my life is truly a learning experience. Yes, I battle with emotional eating – like so many other people have before me. Today, I let it get the best of me a little bit but I don’t care. I felt better and I moved on! Tomorrow is a new day and life will go on. We’ll take Bella’s asthma … we’ll deal with whatever other lemons life wants to deal but I’m not going to gain weight.

I just thought I’d share that!




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