Believe in yourself

I’d like to tell you all a story – it started last summer. I went to Lane Bryant hunting for some new clothes. I was still in size 24/26 at this point and tipping the scale at 316 pounds. While hunting through the store, a purple and pink shirt caught my eye – two of my favorite colors. It was a loose style with an under shirt and a layer over top. I tried it on… sadly the biggest size (26) didn’t fit me. It looked horrible. I was a mess.

It wasn’t long after this day that I went to my brother in laws wedding in July and the rest of the events that transpired changed my life. Honestly, until this weekend I had completely forgotten about the shirt and how much I wished it fit. It was truly beautiful.

Fast forward to this weekend. My husband and I were shopping at Tanger Outlets when I popped into Lane Bryant. They had a great sale with an extra 70% off the lowest ticketed price on all Clearance items. Guess what was on the rack…. that same purple and pink shirt.

I stared at it for a while before pulling it down. It was the only one in the store. Alone on the top rack of a row of sweaters. I didn’t know what size it was, but I desperately wanted to try it on. I grabbed a bunch of items, shirt included and put it in the dressing room. At this point, I still haven’t even looked at the size. I didn’t want to know.

I’ve been shirking over the last few weeks down to a size 16 jeans and the smallest size they had in Lane Bryant was a 14 so odds are it was somewhere in my size range. I actually thought it was a 22 when I pulled it down.

I slipped the shirt on first. I couldn’t wait any longer and I literally cried out with glee when I looked in the mirror. Here was the shirt I wanted so desperately last summer… fitting nearly perfectly on my body. In about 5-10 more pounds, it’s going to be perfect.

After walking up and down admiring myself in the mirror, I slipped off the shirt to discover a real awakening….

IT WAS A SIZE 14!!!!!!!

Yes, 1-4. I just stared in disbelief. Could it be? I’m almost to a size 14. I called my husband to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I tried the shirt on for him and he said the same thing I did – about 5-10 more pounds and it’s going to be golden. It’s a summer shirt so I have no doubt I’ll fit great in it over the next few months. Then I showed him the tag.

Clearly this shirt must be a fluke. Maybe it’s the cut and style. I went back out to the store and found something else in a size 14. A pretty red and black dress that only had two sizes – 26 and 14. I put the dress on and jumped with joy. It was the same – It fit, it looked ok and in a few more pounds it’s going to look FAB!

If you asked me last summer when I’d ever see a size 14 and I would have told you never. Now, here I sit staring at the size with the joy that I’ll be out of it before I know it!

This is one of those moments that I’ll cherish forever – along with my beautiful purple and pink shirt. I promise to post a photo as soon as it fits perfectly which by my calculation should be late march / early april. Just in time for summer!


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