What a difference

Hello amazing followers. I apologize for my lack of writing – I swear it’s simply because I’m swamped with work and workouts!

So while I was working out yesterday I had an amazing moment at the gym. Some of you may remember when I wrote a guest post for another blog about my first class for abs/lower back. The quick version – my first class I was mortified. I was the fat girl that could barely do a crunch. If I recall, I nearly walked out of the class after five minutes.

For whatever reason (still don’t know why), when I arrived at the gym tonight I diverted from my plans on the treadmill and opted to take that same awful class again. Boy what a difference! Six months ago I could barely crunch, now I can do the majority of the moves. I had so much fun, I stuck out a second class for Total Body Sculpt – nearly two hours of working out and I felt incredible.

It’s little victories like this that keep me going which is why I declared this entire week non-scale victory week!


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