The Biggest Winner Day 12: Out of my comfort zone

Well, today I took Jackson’s advice and went out of my comfort zone … .and I mean WAAAAAAY out. Yesterday Jackson warned us that from here on out he was basically going to kill us! It’s a LOT of cardio from here and boy is it rough.

Today, started upstairs… I knew what that meant and that meant the track! Oh boy.

I have a love-hate relationship with the track honestly. I don’t mind walking it. I’ve grown to tolerate the laps with kettle bells Jackson is so fond of but I’m not a fan of running. I think that’s my comfort zone. My knee gives me an excuse NOT to run. I’ve used it too much.

I can run. I’ve done it before but I think I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself again and then I’m back to square one. Today I was determined that it wasn’t going to be like that for me. I was going to run. … or at least try to some of the time.

Now, I’m not making excuses because trust me, I still get knee pain and I’m probably doing things I shouldn’t (lunges, squats, etc). Those exercises all aggravate my knee but I keep trying anyways. I just modify and don’t go so low. It’s hard but I adjust and I try. I know I need to do it. I’ve made sure I stretch before and after every workout session. Sometimes even in the middle.

Anyways, so today we started with laps on the track with kettle bells. One lap carrying weights (mine was 15 pounds on each side) and then one lap jogging / fast walking. This was timed. I pushed myself hard. I tried jogging a little then fast walking and switching between the two. I did really well. This was working for me.

Next we did a circuit. There were three stations and three times around.

Weighted Ropes – First was Jacks. Then it was waves, and then it was fast waves.

Kettle Bell – First it was scissor legs, then around the waist moves and finally dead lifts.

Steps – First it was jump up and down, next was a hop across and then finally fast feet.

In between each round of circuits, we did a couple of laps on the track. Two times around 1/2 walking fast and the last half sprinting. Guess what … I actually SPRINTED! I did so good and I think I even surprised Jackson!

So we repeated this three times around to do all the exercises before taking a good long stretch and calling it a week.

I worked my ASS off today. I’m so proud of myself. SO UNBELIEVABLY PROUD of myself! Today I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone. Far beyond even what I thought I could. It’s a new day and a new me.



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