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The truth is change takes longer than we think. Acknowledging that from the start can make a big difference in helping us stick to our weight loss plan.

In life there will be many roadblocks. Getting through these roadblocks is totally up to you. You can either choose to turn around and go back, or, you can choose to fight on forward. At the end of the day the choice is yours. But remember, if you go back you will arrive at the starting point …again…
Just for today: DON’T GIVE UP.



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So I’m totally having one of those “MUST HAVE SWEETS” kind of night. I found this while picking through some recipes and realized I have an entire container of frozen bananas in the freezer. HELLLLLOOOOOO Ice cream tonight!

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We’ve all heard the importance of drinking water and our need to drink 8 glasses each day.  While water is definitely an essential nutrient that our bodies need, each person may need a different amount.  The amount of water you need to consume can vary based on your climate, activity level, and health conditions.  Water loss happens continuously through skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and stool.  Therefore, water needs to be continuously replenished to maintain good health.  The good news is that you don’t have to necessarily drink 8 glasses of water, you can get it from liquids or food, in addition to plain water.

Here are some of the ways that water functions in our bodies:

  •  Maintains the balance of body fluids such as those involved in digestion, transportation of nutrients, circulation and the regulating of body temperature.
  • Can help control calorie intake.  Substituting water for higher calorie drinks can have a significant…

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Whew! What a week!

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of days. I apologize that I didn’t post sooner but it’s been a little crazy.

So let’s start with the bad news …. it’s pretty bad. I ran into a big problem with my therapy appointments for my knee. Despite the fact that I have really good insurance, unfortunately it’s not helping my situation. My insurance will only cover 80% of the therapy (not terrible) but I have to meet my deductible first. (Ding Ding). If you’re up on the insurance policies … they reset on January 1st. So, basically I’d have to pay my whole deductible in a few sessions and then in January… I’d have to pay the whole damn thing again.

Now for the good side, I’m thankful for a great therapist I met during the first (and only session). When we figured out the insurance fiasco, she felt confident to give me print out instructions of exercise I could take to the gym and do myself. I have a follow-up appointment at the end of the month and well see how things progressed. Maybe I can fix this problem on my own.

So now onto other news. work has been absolutely incredible. I’m really starting to shine in this role and I’m very excited. But I know that’s not why you’re here reading my blog.

At the gym today, I had another random person stop me and talk about my journey. It’s amazing how many people have taken notice of me over the last few weeks. I find it very interesting. I’ve felt like such a wallflower my whole life and now I’m really starting to fly.

With all these strangers taken note, I thought I’d share some progression photos. Enjoy the little trip down memory lane below.

My brother-in-laws wedding in July 2012. My highest weight was 316 pounds just a few months before this photo.

My brother-in-laws wedding in July 2012. My highest weight was 316 pounds just a few months before this photo.

Trip to the Circus with my daughter at the beginning of November 2012 - Approximately 280 lbs.
Trip to the Circus with my daughter at the beginning of November 2012 – Approximately 280 lbs.




I’m losing my bingo arms!

Well, now that I have your attention – I simply had to use that as my headline since that’s what my (loving) husband told inspirationme tonight … not once, but twice.

It’s been a very interesting day in the life of me. Work was great – a very productive day. I left at 2:30 pm to go to my 3 p.m. Physical Therapy evaluation for my knee. My therapist and doctor are both extremely optimistic that my knee will heal with therapy so (fingers crossed). Thankfully, I’m doing therapy at my gym so it’s works for everything else I need to do. Therapy ended at about 4 p.m. and I headed over to meet with the director of the personal training department who was kind enough to give me time to come up with the money for the Biggest Winner competition. We chatted for a while about various topics and I really enjoyed meeting with her.

Next up was my nutrition appointment with Jackie (who I adore) – if you’re keeping track… I’ve already been at the gym for 2 hours at this point. I know I’m doing a great job with my eating habits, but having Jackie there by my side for questions and guidance is sure great. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

During my nutrition appointment, Jackie mentioned that I should come to her Drop 10 in 10 class and talk sometime because she thought I’m such an inspiration and motivational speaker. I was shocked and honored honestly. Ironically, the class was meeting tonight (at 6 p.m.) for the last time until next year. Well – no time like the present! After our appointment,  I grabbed a 30 minute workout and then headed over to the class.

Love meIt’s really funny. I never set out to be an inspiration to other people, it just sort of happened naturally. Now that I’ve been blogging and sharing my story, I guess i can sort of see how people have taken an interest in my life. I have a great story and I’m a natural story-teller so it all works.

So I stuck around tonight for the meeting and Jackie gave me a few minutes to just tell my story – and that’s exactly what I did. The women, who I’m guessing were all older than me, seemed genuinely interested in my story. They had questions and I did my best to have answers. I wasn’t really prepared, but it truly felt natural and honestly – I loved it.

Tonight was another step on my journey to changing my life and I’m realizing more and more that while my body has ultimately changed, it’s my whole self that has made the change. I truly believe that’s the true battle of weight loss. It’s a mindset you have to commit to and when you do, the rest will change with it.

Sure, I’ve become a bit obsessive with my weight loss and staying on track but it’s all for the good of my health. The real me is finally emerging and I’m truly loving it!

It was bound to happen

see yourself I knew the day would come and I was hoping it would be soon! Today, I had that moment. The shining moment where you put ony our clothes and look in the mirror and feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

Today I pulled out a shirt I normally layer because I hated the way it hugged my curves (that I didn’t like). Normally, this is where the sweater over shirt comes into play but I just put it on and … (gasp) I looked great. It laid correctly, it didn’t hug everything I hate and it was actually loose on my body.

People kept telling me that I’d wake up and finally see the changes. Six months into this transformation (and really about 12 weeks), I finally see the differences in myself.

I’m literally jumping with joy! It’s the happiest I’ve been in a while. I know I’m getting one step closer to my goals. I just wanted to share that joy with you!

Ths is so thoughtful and true! Negative people SUCK!


Maybe you woke up this morning feeling a bit down, or maybe you feel like giving up. We are all human and we are entitled to have our down days. If you are having any doubts today about something then repeat after me “I CAN DO THIS”. Write it on the back of your hand and keep on looking at it throughout the day.

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