I Exercise to Live

That was the shirt I saw in my 9 a.m. Zumba class on an elderly man. Yes, you read that correctly… there was an elderly losing weightman in my 9 a.m. Zumba class. In fact, the majority of the class was elderly. I felt so young (that doesn’t happen often these days).

To tell you truth, that class changed me today. Not because it was an amazing work out (it was), but to see the life in the elderly doing Latin dancing. It’s truly a sight!

While the gentleman with the awesome shirt hung out in the back, I was truly mesmerized by the lady in front of me. Celebrating her 65th birthday at the gym in Zumba style, halfway through the class she asked the instructor to play a specific song that she adored. While I have no idea of the name, it was a Latin / Hip-Hop style number that honestly shocked me when she requested it.

So if you’ve ever done a Zumba class, you’d know there’s a lot of chest shaking, hip rolling and crazy / sexy dance moves and this dance had them ALL (and then some) and here was this woman… at 65 shimmying and shaking what her mama gave her without a care in the world. At 65 she moved better than me! I just loved it.

Watching those ladies today… it gave me a fresh breath of air. One lady was with me in Yoga this morning and then we went to Zumba together and boy was it a treat. She told me she comes to the gym and does nearly 3 hours of exercise a day. I wish I had that kind of time. What a sweet lady!

Later in the evening, I returned to the gym for Kickboxing (checking another box off my Holiday Bingo). I’ve never done this class before and boy what a workout. I found my friend Lisa in the gym and convinced her to join me. I met her a few weeks ago after she stopped me to comment on how awesome I looked. We found out we work in nearby buildings so we’re hoping to do lunch one day.

Well the two of us fumbled our way through Kickboxing. It was kinda fun. I really enjoyed it and I think I might do it again soon. We’ll see if I still say that in the morning.

Well before I close up this post for the night. I wanted to leave you with a few fun facts…

Fun Facts of the day: 
My calorie burn is currently 3,259 (with a goal of 2553). The website estimates I will end the day 1,200 calories over my target.

My current step total is 13,829 (with a goal of 8,000). Yeah I’m kicking ass!

I took 3947 steps during Zumba this morning.
I took 4291 steps during Kickboxing this evening.


4 thoughts on “I Exercise to Live

  1. this post shames me – I tried Zumba once (at the grand old age of 29) and found that I’ve zero coordination and hate dancing. Kickboxing on the other hand, LOVE it.
    You are indeed kicking ass! Nice one! 🙂

  2. There is a very old guy who takes the Zumba class before the Piloxing class I teach on Wednesday nights, and he absolutely cracks me up. He’s all into it, tells the girls what his calorie burn was on their way out the door, calls everyone honey … it’s adorable. I call him the Zumba cheerleader.

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