The evils of work potluck lunches

I’m still very new to my employer (like less than a month) and they’re all about throwing a party when someone starts. There’s two new people and one that’s leaving so a pot luck was in order – the evil being was today.

Now these people know how to party. The kitchen was overflowing with amazing goodies … and a dieting disaster. I’m only a few days into this whole new me and to be honest, the will power was slowly fading with each new thing brought in and it started this morning with breakfast goodies.

So far today, I’ve nibbled on apple slices with a cream cheese dip (only a couple) and a small (VERY SMALL) serving of corn bread with fresh strawberries. This afternoon when all the food came out, i exercised a lot of caution in what I choose. Thankfully, there was a lot of things I wouldn’t eat so my options decreased greatly. I was hoping to nab a homemade pierogi.. but those were long gone. Probably for the best though.

My lunch ended up being a very small sliver of a sandwich. I cut the pre-cut portion in half. A small serving of pasta salad (that my husband made), a small spoonful of some kind of vegetable seasoned side dish. I don’t know what it was but it was yummy. Grilled veggies and seasoning with a sprinkle of cheese, I think. I also had a very small brownie to appease my chocolate monster.

I kept the portions small and realistic. I don’t think I went too overboard and hopefully i did well. It’s really hard to be a food addict and stare at a kitchen full of treats. I did well curbing the hunger monster though and right now I feel really good about my choices. Sure, I could have done without the brownie but I just can’t go from sugar fiend to nothing in one day. I need to live in reality… no one breaks a 30 year habit in one day.

At least I know I can burn a ton of calories tonight at Saddle Ridge. Really looking forward to an evening with great friends celebrating me getting older! Here’s to being 30 and fabulous!


Welcome to the new followers

Welcome to all my new followers and so many new strangers. Thank you for joining me on this journey.
 It’s going to be a rough day for me….but there will be days like this in my future often. We got up late so it was drive thru breakfast. Healthy and fast tend to not meet often. I opted for Wendy’s today to get their oatmeal bar which is a delicious 290 calories with a side fruit cup at 45 calories. Not best breakfast but it’s reality today. Normally this is where I order a large sweet tea and kill my calories for the entire day, but water was my option for the day.
My real test is going to be this afternoon when my company holds a pot luck lunch. I’m pretty sure that’s a recipe for disaster for  anyone on a diet. Just looking at the list and desserts make my mouth water. I will need a plan of attack before this afternoon and hopefully I can stick to it! Fingers crossed. Tonight we are also going out to Saddle Ridge to celebrate my 30th birthday…. I’ll just dance extra hard tonight to burn off all these calories. I’m not a drinker so I’m not worried for those extra calories.
Here’s to a great Friday!! Thanks for following.

Why do I have a page?

I had my first informational meeting last night for the weight loss competition. Maria was an amazing motivational speaker and provided clear and realistic guidelines for the program. I really learned a lot! The first challenge we have is to come up with a plan for nutrition, exercise and goals. Today, I’ve thought long and hard about what those are going to be. The first thing I decided to do was make a true commitment (hence the page here). I need to hold myself accountable.

Me and my husband at his brothers wedding July 2012.

This idea was actually inspired by another friend of mine who has chosen a new way to live and fight her disease with a different kind of diet. She created a page to post recipes, ideas and other tidbits of her journey. I truly love reading about it. I choose to make the page separate because I didn’t want to burden my traditional friend list with random things they don’t care about. Also, so the world can see the journey.
I’m putting it out there – I hope someone wants to read it. The big part of this is holding myself accountable for my actions. I hope this page serves that purpose. I’m looking for everyone that likes it to truly keep on me. I need to stay on track and focus my efforts on making this work. I truly hope this is finally the jump start I’ve needed.
So first on the list of tasks is a nutrition plan. Maria talked about “clean eating” so after searching for more information, I found a great website ( that has not only great ideas, but actually two week meal plans for FREE. Ok… step one is done because now it’s all simple and easy to follow. Now, I will say I wasn’t 100% sold on everything on the list, but a few quick edits to the meal plan (complete with shopping list) and now I’m ready to shop for the food this weekend.
Step 2 – Exercise .. this is normally where I fail. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to squeeze in exercise. Yes, here comes the excuses from me, but after just starting a new job (that requires travel), a 4 year old and activities, I need to get a grip on how this is going to work. With the contest, we are being given a 1 month pass to the 84 fitness center; however, I think I’m just going to join the Wellness Center. I’m very spoiled at that gym with the rock wall, pool and billion classes and machines. Plus, with my membership, I’ll get a personal assessment and meeting with a nutritionist when I job and one session with a personal trainer. All things I could certainly use for some guidance. I’ll take all the help I can get. I”m also very thankful that I have made become great friends with a personal trainer who I know will be on my ass constantly. She has been for quite some time now. Yes, Janelle… I’m coming back to Zumba. Working out my schedule for it now.
Finally, goals… I’ve thought long and hard about this and I need some realistic goals that are not only achievable but very desirable. My weight loss goals are going to be 2 lbs per week. I’m hoping that I’ll actually lose more though. By the end of September, I want to lose at least 10 lbs. I think that’s fairly realistic. I plan to work out at least 3 days a week and we’re going to full clean eating effective this weekend (I hope the hubby doesn’t kill me).
Now, for the big goals…. I’m still working on these but they will be announced soon (whenever I figure them out). My first thought was… I lose 10 lbs and my husband will take me Salsa Dancing like I’ve always wanted to do… his reaction was – that’s a reward for you and punishment for me, how is that fair? Sigh, back to the drawing board. I guess I’ll ponder a few more days and something will hopefully jump out. Maybe a mini-weekend trip somewhere (I hear the beach is nice in the fall). Oh, I know… I’ll just demand another trip to Florida so I can get another manicure that lasts forever. One week and my nails still look as fabulous as the day they were done.
Well, it’s time for me to head out. Be sure to stop back and see all the fantastic things that are going on over the next six months. I hope this will be the start of the greatest years of my life. It’s truly about time – I turned 30 and life isn’t over… it’s truly just beginning.